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Our love to all of you  / Kate And Robert McCleery &. Martinez (Friends)  Read >>
Our love to all of you  / Kate And Robert McCleery &. Martinez (Friends)
Kathi, Brian and Gayle --
We will miss Mike.  He was charming, funny, a great listener and wonderful addition to any gathering.  We were lucky to have known him.
We heard a quote recently, "Grief is the tax you pay for loving someone dearly."  It's high tax time ... and much grief.  Our hearts go out to all of you and all your family.
We will mourn -- and celebrate -- Mike's life with you.
With love, Kate and Robert Close
with great sadness...  / Juanita Thompson (colleague/friend)  Read >>
with great sadness...  / Juanita Thompson (colleague/friend)
While knowing, understanding and believing the wonderful promise found in the Holy Bible regarding a resurrection to life (Acts 24:15). I still struggle with great sadness at losing my dear colleague. I always reflect on how Christ Jesus wept over his dear friend Lazarus upon hearing such news (John 11:11, 14-44). Mike started as my manager –a person who directs a team; he became my teacher – one whose occupation is to instruct; then he became my mentor- a trusted counselor and guide; and then my friend – one attached to another by affection or esteem. He never stopped believing in me and offering encouragement through his respect for my opinion and by a gentle smile of approval. It has been a great honor knowing a man with such character and one who truly respected others. The love that I see in Kathi, Gayle and Brian helps me know that Mike has left a great part of himself, in them. I look forward to seeing the magnificence of God’s Kingdom bring about the realization of Jesus words ….…Marvel not at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the graves shall hear His voice and come forth unto a resurrection of life........ (John 5:28, 29 KJ) Close
First Impressions are Often Accurate  / Jim Wright (former employer & long-time colleague )  Read >>
First Impressions are Often Accurate  / Jim Wright (former employer & long-time colleague )
In 1973 the Minnesota Legislature gave the Department of Natural Resources two new positions for its floodplain and shoreline management program, created three years earlier.  I interviewed many applicants for these positions and as soon as I completed one with Mike, I offered him a position on the spot.  He just impressed me as an outstanding and talented individual, one who subsequently carried out exemplary work for Minnesota's, and later FEMA's, floodplain management efforts.

Over the years I frequently contacted Mike as a professional resource and close colleague and friend.  He now belongs to a long list of superb floodplain management professionals that we have lost while they were still in their professional prime.  He will be greatly missed by me and countless others in his profession, along with his friends and family.  

He climbed the highest mountain, that of a life well lived and served.  May his soul rest in Paradise throughout Eternity.  
For a "BridgeMaster" from Sol and Michael  / Sol Rosen (Friend)  Read >>
For a "BridgeMaster" from Sol and Michael  / Sol Rosen (Friend)
We played bridge with Mike, and have an image of cards still being dealt. Mike is sitting on a whopper of a hand. But his eyes betray both enthusiasm and at the same time a sense of comic recognition that there still could be way to blow the hand. And if he couldn't figure that out, Kathi might ... even without his help.

We'll miss Mike's quiet good humor, his generosity, and his enthusiasm for travel and also for any subject that might have been of interest to any of us at a given moment. And we'll also miss the understated intelligence of a gentle man and a very kind friend.

- Sol Rosen and Michael Sandberg
Long History  / Deb Smith (Friend)  Read >>
Long History  / Deb Smith (Friend)
I met Kathi & Mike in 1979 on a 3 month trip from London to Kathmandu.  Mike was always the one who read everything to us about each place we visited.  He was a wealth of information.  We've all kept in touch throughout the years, even though I lived on the west coast.  Once while I was visiting, they fixed an awesome Indian dinner and Kathi and I wore sari's.  Mike will always be remembered for his gentleness and sweet smile.  He will be missed.
Deb Smith Close
long lasting influence  / Rebecca Q. (colleague)  Read >>
long lasting influence  / Rebecca Q. (colleague)

Many times in the past 20 years I've related my first meeting at FEMA, during which Mike memorably - and lastingly - impressed on me that we do floodplain management because it is the right thing to do.  I was up against a politically-connected developer who had promised the Governor that he'd sign something that he'd never, ever ask for flood insurance or disaster assistance.  Mike's conviction gave me the strength to fend off the political pressure.  I did once tell him how much he influenced my professonal life.  His influence on me, and the profession as a whole, will last a very long time.


A teacher's legacy  / Robert L. Perry (WV NFIP Coordinator )  Read >>
A teacher's legacy  / Robert L. Perry (WV NFIP Coordinator )
My deepest condolences, 

Mike taught me so much both in and out of formal classroom settings. I had the pleasure of discussing many issues with him over the years and never failed to learn something new or get a different perspective. 

His positive impact on floodplain management will be a lasting legacy throughout our nation .

Robert L. Perry, CFM
WV Floodplain Management Program
Charleston, WV

"I am not young enough to know everything."
Oscar Wilde
A Star is Shining Brightly in Heaven  / Zubin &. Aminah Kapadia (Friends)  Read >>
A Star is Shining Brightly in Heaven  / Zubin &. Aminah Kapadia (Friends)
Dear Robinsons,

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you during this trying time. Mike was a wonderful man with a great spirit. He was dignified yet down-to-earth; focused but also willing to laugh; serious but very warm and approachable. Perhaps most importantly, he cared about others and expressed that through the work he did.

His body may be gone but his spirit will carry on through all those he touched, guided and inspired. He will not be forgotten.

Love, Aminah, Zubin, Yusuf, Jibrill Close
Our heartfelt condolences...  / Harriet Gruber (Gayle's CNU lacrosse teammate (Dara) family )  Read >>
Our heartfelt condolences...  / Harriet Gruber (Gayle's CNU lacrosse teammate (Dara) family )
Dear Robinson family:

We were so very sorry to hear of your tragic loss and offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences from our home here in New Jersey.  May you relish in the wonderful memories of your husband, Dad and loved one, and find the courage and strength for each new day moving forward...

Rob, Harriet, Dara and Hali Gruber Close
lighting up a room  / Jim Preuss (friend)  Read >>
lighting up a room  / Jim Preuss (friend)

I was lucky enough to meet Mike through Kathi and knew him only briefly.

Each time that I spoke to Mike or each time we met, there was a noticible warming of the room and his personality instilled a comfort and friendlieness not often felt.

My prayers and thoughts to Kathi, and my thanks to Mike for leaving warm thoughts.

My condolences  / Gavin Wait (Gayle's Friend )  Read >>
My condolences  / Gavin Wait (Gayle's Friend )
Gayle I'm so sorry to hear about your dad.   I hope all is well with you and your family. Close
So sorry.  / Stuart &. Vanessa Chapin (Friend)  Read >>
So sorry.  / Stuart &. Vanessa Chapin (Friend)
So sorry to hear of your loss. We are thinking of you all and send you our condolences.  Take care. The Chapins Close
The love of a dad..  / Mark Holland (Gayle's roommate's dad )  Read >>
The love of a dad..  / Mark Holland (Gayle's roommate's dad )
I met your dad just once, for a moment of a busy day. It was move in day, and your dad was deep into putting together the DVD shelf. We laughed at how hard a "simple" project had become.

When he finally sat down, you quickly found your place in his lap. The look in his eyes...you were his moon and stars. As you ran up and down the hall, he seemed to be waiting for your return. What love he had, HAS, for you.

The world has lost a wonderful father. We are saddened for you.

Please know that all the Holland's and the members of our church hold you, your mom and brother close in our prayers.

Peace will come
Rev. Mark (father of Megan ) Holland Close
Mike contributed so much to so many.  / Jo Ann Howard (co-worker)  Read >>
Mike contributed so much to so many.  / Jo Ann Howard (co-worker)
It was my privilege to work at FEMA with Mike and to benefit from his knowledge of mitigation due to natural disasters, particularly flooding.  He had the mind and analytical ability of an engineer, but the gentle kindness and respect all views that spoke of a deep spitiritual reverence for our fragile earth.  Mike gave so much to everyone who asked and his smile and thoughtfulness that led us will be remembered.

The poem, I Strolled Across an Open Field, ends like this:
I came to where the river
Ran over stones;
My ears knew
An early joy.

And all the waters
Of all the streams
Sang in my veins 
That summer day.

I want to remember those quiet times when we were finding ways to help our fellow man and Mike was the source of much of the insights.  "After life there must be life" another  poet says, and after a life like Mike's there must be a place where the streams sing and he is there.  God bless the family of this fine man as they grieve for their loss, Jo Ann Howard Close
Rev. Dennis Adams  / Dennis Adams (Professor at CNU (Music) )  Read >>
Rev. Dennis Adams  / Dennis Adams (Professor at CNU (Music) )
Dear Brian and Family,

So sorry to hear of your Dad's passing.  On behalf of First Baptist Church of Newport News, Virginia, where I serve as Minister of Music, I want to assure you of the prayers and thoughts of our congregation in the days and weeks ahead.  I know how difficult this time must be, and I also know God's comfort does exceed our deepest hurts, no matter he circumstances.  Brian, it was nice meeting you on Friday evening at the Music Gala.  God bless you all,

Rev. or Prof. Dennis Adams